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Generic Features

Topics that apply to many areas of the platform

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How can I combine multiple Trello boards into oneCan I aggregate multiple boards into one, and manage boards as if they where on one board?
Board settings in PlackerHow to set up the adjustments and preferred options
Sort cards in lists - Board and Gantt reorderOrder cards by start and end dates
Time tracking on cardsHow do I set up Time Tracking on my boards to know the duration of a card?
How do I automatically track my progress?How can I set up progress tracking when moving lists or assigning labels?
Board groups: work on multiple boards at the same timeHow to manage work across multiple boards and save the scope of active boards to a group for quick access
Email reports and notificationsLearn how to get alerts on new mentions or receive a daily or weekly email with the status of your cards
How to manage milestonesHow do I create milestones and assign cards to milestones on the Gantt chart or in the board view in the best way?
How to create/edit views (Board, Planner, Gantt, Track)You can save your layout and filters settings as views (previously known as bookmarks) for quick access
How to use templates in Placker to create boards, cards and listsHow to copy a board or use templates
How to move boards between organizations?How can I move my board to a new organization?
Board activity stream and card history in PlackerView the card or (combined) board activity stream in Placker
Managing processes with Trello and PlackerHow Placker helps teams in managing manufacturing, production and other process based board layouts.