To manage work effectively you need different ways to look at your boards, when you plan the work you might be using a Gantt chart, when you are finishing it you could be using the board view and to report the status you could be using the track view.

Instead of the old bookmarks and dashboards, we now save views specifically in a board or board group, so you can easily switch between these views as you work with Placker. The tabbed approach makes it as simple as keeping multiple tabs of Placker open in the same browser (which is something we have seen many do).

This means that Board, Gantt and Track are still available, but now as customizable views.

To make it simple to get set on a new board, you can simply copy a view from one board to another to make the same view available on your new board. Or you can decide to start from scratch with one of the default Placker views.

The views are available as tabs in the new navigation:

Adding views

You can now use the "add view" button at the top left corner to select views that are relevant for each scenario. For example, the Board view is great to see a flow of cards in each list, while Gantt helps to understand dates related to each activity.

You will also see a list of views that are added in other boards (as if they were saved as templates), and the bookmarks and dashboards you had before the UI switch.

Now, instead of creating and editing bookmarks, you can create and edit views from Placker and even create your own.

Edit, start and delete views

Clicking the down arrow at the right of the selected view will show the star, edit and delete view buttons.

If there is a specific set of configurations that you like to have, it is recommended to edit the view to give a proper name and star it, so it shows up in your overview page.

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