To make sure you have your way of working set while using your boards, it's good to review the boards settings.

How to access the board settings

You can access them by clicking the gear icon next to the board in the overview page or the board title in the Board or Gantt view, as in the screen record below:

Board settings options

In the board settings area, you will find many sections and options that you can select, as described in the next paragraphs.


Contains links to the other sections and a description of how they work.


Here you can the board's title, color, logo and description. You can also set it as a template and change display options like currency and time scale.


Manage the people you can collaborate with on boards and change their roles.


Create and manage labels if this is a Placker board. When it's imported from Trello, you can manage it there.


Select the board time zone and the working and non days of this board.

Custom attributes

Use Custom Attributes to add more context to the cards, (such as text, number or date fields). You will also see here the Custom Fields from Trello.


Use milestones to plan larger chunks of work with a start and end date. It's a different way of grouping cards with a Placker attribute.

Progress tracking

Select if progress is tracked manually on each card or automatically. For example, when a card is in the "Done" list or has the green label, its status is changed to completed.


Add mirror rules to your board to automate your workflow across boards and keep cards updated automatically.


Determine how cards are planned. For example, if effort and duration should be linked, if checklist items and dependencies should affect card dates in a Gantt chart.


Set progress reports to be sent by e-mail on a daily or weekly basis, showing an overview of the board cards and statuses.

Copy settings

Use the settings described above from another board to save time, or apply the ones currently set to another board. You can select what specifically will be copied, it doesn't have to be the whole settings.

Move board

Migrate the board to another organization in Placker

Delete board

Permanently delete this board. You need to type DELETE in the box to confirm it.


If any of these topics pointed out in the sections descriptions is not detailed enough (for example, how adding a member works), please check the specific article we have about those features in our help center.

And as usual, if you need any help or would like to give us feedback, feel free to reach out clicking the chat button at the lower right corner.

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