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Create a Trello board from MS Project
Create a Trello board from MS Project

How can I import an MS Project (.mpp) file into Placker (and Trello?)

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You can use the import function of Placker to import an MS Project, these are the steps that are required.

  1. Export the MS Project file as an Excel Workbook

  2. Go to the import page in Placker

  3. Drag and drop the excel workbook into Placker and import it.

  4. Export the Placker board that is created into Trello

Step 1: Export the MS Project file as an Excel Workbook

Use the MS Project export function to create an export to an Excel Workbook, save the workbook somewhere on your computer.

Step 2: Go to the import page in Placker

Go to the overview page, then select Add board to import the boards into a new board. Select Excel.

You can also open an existing board, then click Actions and Import cards

Step 3: Import the task tab from the Excel into Placker

Note: We map the outline of the MS Project file with boards, lists, cards and checklist. For this it is very important that this structure is available in MS Project as well. 

For example when you want to import a card with checklist items, make sure to create a row in MS project that contains the title of the checklist.

Reach out to us in the chat when you can't get it to work, we will be happy to support you in this.

Step 3.1. load the data into the importer;

  • Drop the excel into the drop area or click on the area to select the excel. Then click on Process data.

  • Import options are relevant when the dates are not being recognized automatically, skip Step 2: Set import options and go directly to step 3: Set the attribute column mapping.

Step 3.2. map the attributes to placker attributes:

In the mapping section, you'll need to tell placker how the outline level relates to boards, lists and cards and you need to map the members correctly.

  • Outline level maps the level/depth of the planning to the board/list or cards in Placker/Trello. You need to tell placker how these levels should be mapped in order to import your data correctly.

  • Members maps the members in the output file with the board members in Placker, please be sure to add all the members in step 2 first, and map them in the right way in step 3. 

  • Then click on process data, and start import, this will open a pop-up that shows the status of the import.

And open the board in Placker;

Step 5: Export the Placker board that is created into Trello

To export the board, go to the overview page. Here you can click on the top right menu icon of the board and select export to Trello. When the export is completed, it is available under your personal boards in Trello.

MS Project in other languages and formats

Placker is set to import correctly the default MS Project settings, but in case your program has different language and formatting settings, some adjustment might be necessary.

The example below shows an MS Project file formatted in Portuguese, which is not supported by Placker unless you adapt the columns in Excel.

In these cases, we would recommend to set the formatting in MS Project and copy/paste this data in Excel, making sure the relevant columns are pasted. After that, follow the importing process in Placker.

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