In Placker, in addition to the Trello attributes (such as due date, member, labels, etc.) and Placker attributes (such as planned start date, budget, story points, etc.), you can also create your own custom attributes.

For example, it could be an important information for you to add the revenue of each card.

Create custom attribute

This is an attribute that doesn't exist in Placker or Trello, but you can click the title of the board to open board description, click the attributes tab and then Edit/Add attributes.

There, you can give a title to your new attribute, define format and if the users will be able to edit freely or based on pre-defined values on a list.

Revenue could be a number type attribute, but you can also add text, dates, member and traffic light attributes.

Edit custom attribute

To change the settings of a custom attribute that was already created, click the board title to open its details and access "attributes" tab.

Then, on "custom attributes" box, click "edit/add attributes" on the top right corner.

Then, locate the attribute you wish to change or delete and click the "edit" button.

After making the changes, click "done".

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