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Creating and editing custom attributes in Placker
Creating and editing custom attributes in Placker

Placker provides custom text, number, dates, member and traffic light attributes. It is also compatible with Trello custom fields.

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In Placker, in addition to the Trello attributes (such as due date, member, labels, etc.) and Placker attributes (such as planned start date, budget, story points, etc.), you can also create your own custom attributes. It is also compatible with Trello custom fields.

For example, it could be an important information for you to add the revenue of each card.

View and edit custom attributes in a card

When you open a card in the card overview or in the panel, you will see the custom attributes and custom fields.

If you don't see a custom attribute you have created, it could be because the option "show when empty" is disabled. In this case, you can open the custom attributes tab and change it or click "Show empty attributes" in the card overview to make sure that all of them are visible.

Create custom attribute

To create a custom attribute, open the board settings, then the custom attributes tab. There will be an "Add attribute" button on the Main area and Sidebar, you can click the one where you would like the attribute to be created.

There are many different options of custom attribute types. These are the optonis currently:

Main area

  • Text block

  • Metric


  • Date

  • Text

  • Number

  • Checkbox

  • Member picker

  • Traffic light

  • Dynamic link

  • Formula

  • Static link

Copy many attributes from another board

If you have a set of custom attributes created in another board and would like to copy them to your board, instead of creating them one by one, you can use the "Copy settings" in the board settings:

Edit custom attribute

To change the settings of a custom attribute that was already created, click the "Edit" button next to it in the same section shown in the previous section.

These are the options available when you edit an existing custom attribute:

  • Reorder drag and drop

  • Type tag at the right of the title

  • Renaming an existing custom attributes

  • Field type: additional options for specific custom attributes. Check our articles on each custom attribute type for these details

  • Trello icon: Indicates that this is a Trello custom field. In this case changes should be made in Trello, although you can set it to show when empty

  • Remove button, which will delete the custom attribute

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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