To make it easy to manage your work across boards, we made it easy to view your boards as one board.

The screen recording below shows you how you can view multiple Trello/Placker boards and view it as one board in Placker.

How to set it up?

You start by selecting multiple boards in the Placker board view, by default it will show you the boards as separate boards in the same view.

Then you can select 'combine boards' to combine the boards into one view. If you do this it will group all cards by boards and by lists. To view them as if they were on the same board.

You can move cards between lists like you can do on a single board. The board title is shown as an icon on the card when you hover the icon, the board title will be shown in a tooltip.

How does it work?

We will group the cards based on the list titles. When cards are moved between lists, we check the original board to make sure there is a list on this board with the same title. If there is no list you will get a pop-up to ask you to move, copy or mirror the card to the new board.

Frequently asked questions

In the screen recording, two cards are moved, why is this?

These boards are set up in mirror mode, which is why both the original card and the mirrored card is updated at the same time. Read more about the mirror mode in this article.

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