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Calculated fields for Trello and Planner with the Placker plugin

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In situations where you need custom calculations, formula custom attributes are a powerful way to bring this to your Placker boards.

It is similar writing formulas in Excel, but in Placker you can use other fields as variables, as will be introduced in this article.

These are some examples of formulas that may be useful depending on your working context, where an equation may contain other custom attributes, and the result is the Formula custom attribute:

  • Cost of hours worked: Hourly rate * Effort * 60

  • Cost performance index: Earned Value / Actual Cost

  • Total area = Area 1 + Area 2 + Area 3

  • Price in US Dollars = Price in Euros * 1.13

  • Profit = Incomes - Expenses

The steps of creating this type of attribute are quite similar to other custom attributes. Check the article above to see the creation of an attribute.

Editing a formula

To edit a formula, also open the board settings and custom attributes, but click "Edit" next to your formula custom field to make the changes needed. After that, remember to click the "SAVE" button.

Text fields also supported in formulas

You can use the numeric portion of a text attribute, allowing you to create more accurate formulas to get the data you need. This opens up a range of possibilities for how you can use Placker to get the insights you need.

For example, if you wish to calculate a score on a value between 1 - 5 based on a formula, you could add a selectable custom text with these options: "1 - very low; 2 - low; 3 - medium; 4 - High; 5 - very high" and the formula will automatically retrieve only the numbers from 1 to 5.

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