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Board groups: work on multiple boards at the same time
Board groups: work on multiple boards at the same time

How to manage work across multiple boards and save the scope of active boards to a group for quick access

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Most of the time your work will cover more than one board, and you'll need to oversee the status of your works across these boards.

Creating board groups in Placker make it possible to quickly get back to the same group of boards, and setup specific views to make it very simple to view the boards in the way you need for your way of working.

Instead of creating a board group in Placker, another method is to create a separate board and mirror cards to it. This alternative is described in this article.

Create a board group

When created, board groups are available on the board overview. There are two ways to create board groups:

From the board overview page

On the board overview page, click on 'Add group' to create a new board group.

Then select the boards that should be part of the board group, set the name of the group and create the board group.

From the scope bar

Another way is to open a board, click 'Change scope' select multiple boards from the scope bar, and click on 'Save as new group' after loading the boards.

You can then choose a name and select whether this group will be visible to other members. Notice though that members will still need access to the group's boards.

Add a board to the existing board group

To include a new board to a board group, you can also select the boards, including the new one, and then update the group, clicking also change scope.

An alternative way is to open the settings of the new board and add to an existing group. In that same area you can remove that board from a group.

Delete a board group

To delete a board group, you can open it, open the board group settings in the scope bar and click "delete board group".

Change board group views

Like boards, board groups also have views, which are different ways to view the cards in your board group, you can add and remove views just like you can for single boards.

Open all boards in an organization

In the overview page, next to the title of each organization, you can click on the "Open all" link to open all boards of the organization at once.

Reorder boards in a board group or scope

To select the sequence of boards, open the scope or board group settings and manually drag and drop the boards, then save changes. The recording below shows the steps:

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