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Updating planned and actual dates
Updating planned and actual dates

How to change the plan and actual start and end dates to keep board updated

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One of the most important attributes to keep a project up to date are the plan start, plan end, actual start, actual end. The plan start and end dates are synced with Trello, as these attributes are also available there.

The difference between plan and actual dates is that when you create your project schedule, it's not possible to know exactly when the cards are going to happen (actual), only make estimates (plan).

That's why the actual start date will be only visible when the status is set to at least started, so you know for a fact the date when the card started. The same logic applies to the actual end date, that can be filled only when the status is set to completed, as you can see below:

Actual dates are automatically added as a timestamp when you change the status of a card to started or completed. But if that doesn't reflect the reality, you can always change it as shown above.

Comparing Planned and Actual dates in the Gantt chart

To visualize the plan and actual dates at the same time in a Gantt chart, you can click Check Plan / Show Actual Dates. This will add a bar for the actual dates too.

In the example below, there is a card that is planned to start on the 28th, but actually started on the 20th.

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