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How to use attachments in Placker
How to use attachments in Placker

Attachments are files or links (URL) that can be added to a Placker card

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To ensure the communication related to the board work is clear, it might be needed to refer to a specific article or link in the cards. With Placker, this is simple.

Add files

You can attach files to cards, for example an image. To do this, open the folder in which the file is located, click and drag over the card. When you drop the mouse, it will be automatically updated.

Add links (URLs)

This is possible in Placker by double-clicking a card and then clicking the button "Add attachment" and "Attach URL to card".

Then, add the link, or URL, and a title to that URL. It will now be shown whenever you access this card.

Attachments in Trello

The files you upload with Placker will also be available in Trello and vice versa, in case your board is connected to Trello.

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