Static and dynamic link custom attributes can be added in Placker to create a button where you can add links or arguments for a dynamic link.

For example, if you have published a page in your website and would like your team to review, you can add a static link attribute called "Page URL".

How to metric custom attributes

Like every custom attribute, click the title of the board in the Board or Gantt view, select the “Attributes” tab, and “Edit/Add Attribute” button.

Add the title and select “Static link” as the format of the custom attribute.

Now, whenever you click a card, there will be a button where you can add the link, which can be accessed or edited later.

To set the attribute to be always visible or delete the attribute, find the custom attributes you created in the lower part of this page (scrolling down).

The difference in dynamic links is that you can have a URL that is partially static, and partially based on other custom attributes or external fields.

For example, we are going to create a link to a page in the Placker website that will be specified in the "page" text attribute.

The value of the text attribute is "about"

Now, clicking the link will take you to

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