How to manage milestones

How do I create milestones and assign cards to milestones on the Gantt chart or in the board view in the best way?

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Many projects use milestones as a tool to mark specific points in a timeline. It can also be used to group many cards that belong to the same portion of the project. Some examples are:

  • Project start and end

  • Getting an approval

  • High relevance meetings

  • Planning or execution phases

  • Achieving a key result

In Placker, you can create and manage milestone directly in the Gantt chart (we will call them Gantt milestones in this case) or from the board overview.ย 

Convert cards into Gantt Milestones

The second way is shown in the screen recording below, here you set cards as Gantt milestones directly from the Gantt view, first set the layout to list your board by milestone, then you can create a milestone by clicking on the + sign next to the board.

Manage milestones in the Gantt chart

Instead of setting a single card as a Gantt milestone, you can also create a separate milestone and add cards to it, then visualize them in in your Gantt chart, Placker provides some options that will allow this type of customizing.

For example, if you click set layout, you can group the cards by milestone instead of the default mode, which is lists.

You can also click Filter & Settings and select Show milestones on top. This way, you will see the default layout of cards but with rows for milestones on top.

Another possibility is to select Show milestones markers, which will enable you to see a line on the column that refers to the date defined to that milestone.

The recording below shows how to do this:

Create milestones to be added to cards

To create a milestone from the board overview, first click on the board settings in the overview to view the board settings, then go to the milestone tab.

Assign milestones to cards

There are three ways to assign cards to milestones:

1. If you only want to update one card, the easiest thing to do is to set the milestone attribute on the right-hand panel when you click on the card.

2. If you want to assign multiple cards to milestones, you can also set the layout of your board to list the cards by milestone, and then simply assign them by drag and drop.

3. On the Gantt view, you can also assign cards to milestones by dragging the order of the card to a milestone.

Re-ordering milestones

You can change the order of milestones by opening the board settings, the Milestones tab, then click the dots at the left of each milestone and drag them to the position you wish.

Edit or delete existing milestones

You can delete a milestone from the button at the right of each milestone:

Questions, issues and feedback

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