Welcome to Placker! in this article we summarized a few steps to help you get started with Placker.

Placker overview

We want you to save time, avoid mistakes and get your work done. To do this we have three main views in Placker:

  1. Board view - To stay organized and track your cards to completion. You can view one or more boards at the same time, combine boards into one view or change the layout of your board. For example from the default list view to viewing your cards by assigned member.
  2. Gantt view - To understand how your boards are planned over time, create and manage dependencies between cards and understand the actual timelines against the planned ones.
  3. Track view - To visualize the status of your cards in dashboards using one of the many widgets that are available to you. View the widgets by card count, effort or story points.

Next, to this, we have the board overview page to keep all your boards, bookmarks and dashboards organized (in organizations).

Articles that help you get started

There are a number of articles that will help you to get started with Placker:

Generic articles on how Placker works

Articles on the board view:

Articles on the Gantt view:

Articles on integrating Trello and Placker:

Looking for help?

We use this help center to create articles on Placker, questions that we get in the chat are often answered by creating a new article so others will find the answer.

The best way to find answers is to either search the help center or contact us by using the chat. Just click on the lower right icon to reach out to us.

Don't hesitate to reach out, we created Placker to help you and are more than happy to get you started on using Placker itself or how to organize your processes around Placker.

Are you using Trello?

When you are already using Trello, you will be familiar with the board view, this is just like Trello only in Placker you will be able to view multiple boards at the same time and you can change the layout of the board.

When you are already using Trello, you want to make sure that your Trello account is linked to your Placker account. 

See also: How can I connect my Trello account

You can use the Trello power-up and Gantt for Trello Chrome extension to make it much easier for you to switch between Trello and Placker. Also when you see a Trello icon in Placker; you can click on it to go to Trello.

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Are you a team lead?

Invite others to Placker, you can simply share the Placker URL to get them started.

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