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Board view
Board view, a quick overview of the board screen
Board view, a quick overview of the board screen
The board view mode on Placker allows you to organize and edit cards with efficiency.
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The board view mode on Placker is very similar to Trello and Planner, that's why many users find it intuitive to use. Furthermore, it's fully in sync, so you can update cards there and they will be updated in the connected platforms.

You can use filters, layouts and card settings to customize it to fit your way of working.

The easiest way to get to the Board view in Placker is by accessing in your browser and signing in with your Trello or Planner account.

Filter & Settings

When you click Filter & Settings, it is possible to create filters, such as cards that are assigned to me, due on a specific date, etc.
It is also possible to create a specific layout and use advanced settings.

Find advanced tips and tricks about this here.

Set layout

There are many predefined layouts available on Placker that may be useful to organize your cards. Learn more about the layout options here.

Editing cards

To change an attribute of a specific card, simply click the title of the card on board view to show a panel with the attributes on the right hand side, or double-click it to see a pop-up with more detailed information.

For more information on the card overview, check this article.

Questions, issues and feedback

If the steps above weren't clear or if you followed them and couldn't get anything done, please reach out to us using the chat button at the lower right corner of this page.

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