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How to create, edit and delete cards in Placker
How to create, edit and delete cards in Placker

This article details the card overview interface in Placker: cards

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Add new cards

In the board view

To add a card in the board view, click "Add card" at the bottom of a list, type its title and press enter. Another option is to click the icon next to that button - this way you can also add cards from templates.

In case you don't see the "Add card" at the bottom of a list, it's possible that you were added as view-only member in this board, or that you are a Placker-only member, when the board is synced with Trello (it is required to also be a Trello member in this case).

In the Gantt view

When you are in the Gantt view, you can click the plus sign next to one of the lists, and this will create a card inside it, as you can see below.

Notice that since this view mode is more related to schedule management, you can even set the new card's start date and duration (while in other views you can only do that after the card is created):

From Trello or Planner

Another option is to add cards from Trello or Planner, if the board is connected to them. The new cards will be synced to Placker after a few seconds.

Edit cards

To make the process of keeping information updated and complete in Placker cards easier, you can double-click a card in the Placker Board or Track view.

This is how the card looks when you open it in the Board, Gantt or Track view:

When you single-click a card, there will be a more simple panel at the right side.

Card overview features

The green lines indicate that the card is divided in four areas, whose possible actions will be described in the next sessions.

Upper area:

  • Card title - click to rename

  • Board title - go back to the board view

  • List title - move card to another list or board

  • Open trello - see the same card in Trello

  • Open mirror - see the mirrored card

  • X icon - close card

Middle-left area:

  • Description - edit or add a description

  • Checklist - click to rename and use the trash button at the right to delete

  • Checklist items - click to edit title, due date, members, traffic light or delete

  • Attachments - click to open in a new window

  • Comments - add, edit and delete comments

  • Card history - visible when clicking the comments button.  See history of last actions instead of comments

Middle-right area:

  • Attributes - here you will see and edit card attributes. By default, status, member, labels, plan dates and effort will be visible.

  • Show empty attributes - make other attributes that don't have values visible.

  • Show settings - show enable/disable buttons for card settings that may impact the schedule. 

Lower area:

  • Add attachments - Add a file or URL to the card

  • Add checklist

  • Add card mirror - Mirror this card to another board

  • Actions - copy, move, archive or delete card

Notice also that there are arrows pointing left and right, to make it easy to scroll between cards.

Questions and answers

Where do I find custom attributes and fields?

At the right sidebar of the card overview. You may need to click "Show empty attributes" if they are not set to be visible by default.

I can't see the actual dates

To see or edit actual dates, the status can't be open or no scope, because these statuses indicate that the card hasn't started or finished, there for the actual dates are null. So it has to be started or completed.

Can I navigate between cards?

Yes, you can use the arrows at the side of your screen to access previous/next cards

How do I share this card with a team member?

When you are in the card overview, copy the URL and send it to a board member

I would like to change the font size and print the card

You can change your browser zoom and print options for that.

I have other questions or comments about the card interface

Please let us know by sending a message in the chat 😃

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