To use Placker features, the first step is to import a board from Trello or Planner to Placker. This gives Placker authorization to sync with your Trello board.

If you prefer to create a board in Placker and later export to other platforms, that's also possible.

This article will show you the steps to get it done

Import from Trello to Placker

There are two ways of importing a board from Trello. In case one of them doesn't work for you, trying the other option can make it work in most of the cases.

Import with the Power-Up

After installing one of the Placker Power-Ups (Projects by Placker or 2-way Card Mirror, for example), you will see a "Placker - Import" button. You can click it and follow the steps on the screen to import the board.

There will also be a button to import another board, which is a good idea when you plan to use also other boards in Placker. For example, if the intention is to mirror cards between Board A and Board B, it is required to import both boards.

After the board is imported, you will see a message with links to change the settings of your board. Make sure they are aligned to your way of working to get everything on the right track from the start.

Import with

It is also possible to sign in to with your Trello account and import boards from there.

For this to work, you need to first sign in with Trello or connect your current Placker account to Trello following these steps:

The GIF below shows where to click:

When you import a board from Trello, you can select the board from the drop-down list. 

This list contains boards where:

  • You are a team member of the team

  • The board is not archived in Trello

  • The board is not already imported in Placker


If you can't select the board you want to import, please check the following:

  1. Is the board visible to you in Trello from the main page, is the board not archived?

  2. Are you an accepted team member of the board? If you are invited you will need to make sure you accept the invitation in Trello.

  3. Is the board not already imported in Placker, imported boards are available from the overview page in Placker.

  4. Can I import a public board? If you are a member of the board; yes. If you are not a member; no.

Import from Planner to Placker

Importing a board from Microsoft Planner works the same way as importing a board from Trello at you must first connect your Planner account and select a board to import afterwards.

If you need more details on how the connection with your Microsoft account works, please check this article.

Creating a new board from Placker only

You can also work with Placker standalone. To do so, when you are at the overview page at and click to add a board, you can click to start with an empty board, existing board or template, and not the other importing options.

When you create a board in Placker, you will also see a success message with some settings to adjust and get everything set right from the get-go.

Questions, issues and feedback

If the steps above weren't clear or if you followed them and couldn't get anything done, please reach out to us using the chat button at the lower right corner of this page.

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