Placker subscriptions are based on the number of active users and if they are set as members. Everyone needs an active Placker subscription in order to access data.

To add a member to a subscription, follow these steps:

Add the member to a Trello or Placker board

If it's a Trello board, click the invite button

Also, add the member to a card.

But if it is a Placker board not connected to Trello, click the title of the board

Then, on "Members" tab, type the email of the member

Edit subscription members

Access the subscription page at more / edit subscription, on the top right of the screen.

On "members" tab, check if the new members are in the inactive area and add them in case they are not automatically added. Click "process member updates" button to confirm changes.

Make sure the member type is set to the correct type. Blocked members will not count as active, but also won't have access to the subscription. In a similar way, billing members will only have access to the invoices, not the board data.

Set the preferred adding method

On "settings" tab, you can set the default method of adding members to the subscription: always as active (which might change the number of active users, therefore the price), active when there are unassigned slots (you can leave some open slots for new members) or always pending (you will always need to manually change the type to member).

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In case you need help to set up and onboard your subscription members, reach out to us in the chat and send a screenshot of the members page so we understand how your subscription is currently set.

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