We are currently in the extended user test phase for our full sync with Planner. This document will be updated as we get more questions to include more information. Please reach out to us in the chat when you have any questions or when you like to participate.

What is the Placker - Planner connector?

The Placker - Planner connector allows users to import plans from MS Planner into Placker and keep them in full sync. Start using Placker's key features on Planner:

  • Generate overviews of your work across as many MS Planner plans as you need.

  • Automate your workflows across plans by setting up automation rules, or card between your MS Planner plans, or between MS Planner and Trell.

  • Convert your MS Planner plans into Gantt charts or dashboards in Placker.

  • Setup and use different views to manage your work effectively, and copy your views across different plans.

How to participate in the test group?

Let us know when you like to participate, at this moment our Planner connector is open for selected teams, we can add you to the waiting list and let you know when you can start using the connector.

How to start using Planner?

We will enable Planner access on a user by user case, after you reached out to us and confirmed the users who should access the Planner plans, we'll enable MS Planner for these users.

Then you can connect MS Planner from your profile page, click on your profile icon in the top right corner, and select your profile. Then click on 'Link Microsoft Planner' to connect link your MS Planner account with the Placker account that is signed in.

Please note, in order to make the connecter work, we will request the following permissions to read and update planner data and to keep the data synchronized. This will require an administrator consent to authorise Placker first. When you are not an administrator, you'll need to request one of your administrators to add Placker first.

The app both includes permissions for SSO with Placker for personal MS accounts, and SSO and Planner sync for enterprise accounts.

The following permissions are included in the app and relate to SSO only:

  • Openid - required to be able to sign in personal accounts.

  • Email - required to view the user email that signed in.

  • Profile - required to view the users basic profile (like name and avatar).

The following permissions are included in the app and relate to (enterprise) SSO and Planner sync:

  • User.Read - To sign in and read the user profile of the user that is signing in.

  • User.ReadBasic.All - To read basis information of your team members, which we use to display the team member names and avatars in Placker. We only read and store this information when they are included in a planner import in Placker.

  • Tasks.ReadWrite - To be able to create, read update and delete users tasks, which is required for our full 2 way sync.

  • Group.ReadWrite.All - To be able to read and create Planner data, this permissions requires Admin consent.

  • Offline_access - This is required to keep Planner updated and to be able to trigger automation rules and card mirrors whenever this is required from an Planner action. (these actions are processed in Placker).

Import your Planner boards

When Planner is enabled, you can click on 'Add board' in the board, then select Planner as connector and select up to 5 boards to import.

After importing the board into Placker, you can use the board like any other board.

Frequently asked questions

How does the update/sync work between Placker and Planner?

Updates from Planner to Placker are processed every 5 minutes for now, while updates from Placker to Planner will be updated in Planner directly.

Can I give my feedback?

Yes please, let us know your feedback in the chat, we love to hear how the connection is working for you.

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