Placker works best when your team is on board, here are some tips to get everyone on the same page.

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Invite team members

When your board is imported from Trello, Trello is in the lead to manage your team members. The good thing is that any team member that is in Trello but not yet active in Placker can simply sign-up to Placker to access their board.

If your board is not imported from Trello, you can read this article to add members to your board.

1. Invite your team members to Placker

Invites for Trello

When you have imported your boards from Trello, these boards will be available to the other Trello board members automatically when they sign in with their Trello account.

Invite your team members to use Placker by simply sharing the URL in Placker, or ask them to log into (this will point you directly to the Trello sign-in page).

When members cannot see the boards

  1. Make sure they have a connected Trello account, by checking their profile, if Trello is not connected, connect Trello. (more information: see this article)

  2. Make sure they are members in Trello, and they have accepted the invitation, assign them to a card in Trello to make sure they are also users in Placker.

  3.  Make sure they are board members in Placker when they are not listed in Placker and they are in Trello, assign them to a card in Trello to add them in Placker.

Contact us in the chat in Placker to get support if these steps fail

Invites for Placker

When you are not using Trello, you can add members to your board in the member tab. When you add members, they will get an e-mail invitation to join Placker. 

More information: Read this article on how to manage members

2. Create and share Placker bookmarks for common views

Placker is extremely flexible and it can get tedious to set it up in the right way, an excellent way to make sure everyone is using the same view is to create bookmarks in Placker. 

When you do, you can share the link to the bookmark to make sure everyone is looking at the same Gantt chart / Board split or track view.

More information: Read this article on how to save your settings as bookmarks.

Effective bookmarks will depend on your own process, often used bookmarks are:

  • Status: Show your board/view by status to understand which cards require actions.

  • Workload: Show your Gantt by your team members to view the workload for each member and make sure no one is overloaded.

  • Stand-up meetings: Create a track view that you can use in your stand-up meetings in order to make sure everyone is focussed on 

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