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How to create an account and get started with Placker
How to create an account and get started with Placker

A beginner's guide for new team members on basic Placker features

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Welcome to Placker! In this article we summarized a few steps to help you get started .

Creating your account

The easiest way to create a Placker account is to access, then click the sign up button.

You can connect to a Trello, Microsoft or Google account right from the start. If you plan to use Placker combined with these platforms, it's recommended to add them right from the start.

When you sign in to your Placker account for the first time, you will probably have no boards yet and the overview page will look like this:

Clicking the blue button, you can import an existing board from Trello, from a spreadsheet that already contains data, or create a new one from scratch in Placker.

For instructions on how to create a board or import one from Trello or Planner, check this article.

Most used features

Placker provides many tools to plan and track your projects. Here are the most relevant ones:

Card mirroring

With Placker you can create synced copies of cards that stay updated in multiple boards. That is, if you change some attribute on Board A, this gets reflected in the mirrored card on Board B.

This article covers this feature.

Board view

After your board is created, you can add lists and cards with relevant information of the work you need to do.

We aim to help you save time, avoid mistakes and get work done. To do this we offer four main views in Placker, which can be customized.

To stay organized and track your cards to completion. You can view one or more boards at the same time, combine boards into one view or change the layout of your board. For example from the default list view to viewing your cards by assigned member.

If the board is linked with Trello, changes will be synced in real time.

Click here to visit the Board view section of the Help Center.

Planner view

Adding dates to cards makes it easier to make sure that they get completed in time. The Planner view is similar to the Board view, but uses a different layout: one that lets you see which cards are due when. Moving cards between lists will also change their dates. You can further customize it by clicking "Layout" at the top right corner.

Click here to visit the Planner view article of the Help Center.

Gantt view

To understand how your boards are planned over time, create and manage dependencies between cards and understand the actual timelines against the planned ones. In a Gantt chart, each row is a card and you can see bars showing when they start and end.

Click here to visit the Gantt view section of the Help Center.

Track view

To visualize the status of your cards using one of the many widgets that are available to you. View the widgets by card count, effort or story points.

Click here to visit the Track view section of the Help Center.

Integrating Trello and Planner to Placker:

When you are already using Trello or Planner, you will be familiar with the board view, this is just like Trello only in Placker you will be able to view multiple boards at the same time and you can change the layout of the board.

When you are already using Trello and your Trello account is linked to your Placker account, your boards will be automatically synced.

For detailed information, check the links below:

Are you a team leader?

Placker works better when your coworkers are also collaborating in the same boards. You can simply share the Placker URL and instruct them to create an account to get them started.
See also: How to invite and add team members

Looking for help?

We use this help center to create articles on Placker, questions that we get in the chat are often answered by creating a new article so others will find the answer.

The best way to find answers is to either search the help center or contact us by using the chat. Just click on the lower right icon to reach out to us.

Don't hesitate to reach out, we created Placker to help you and are more than happy to get you started on using Placker itself or how to organize your processes around Placker.

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