This article shows you how you can use templates in Placker to create boards in Trello. Templates in Placker are just like a normal board and can have for example card dependencies,  member assignments, milestones, and labels.

In this how-to we use the following board, that has dependencies set in Placker.

Copy the board

You can copy the board by adding a board and select 'copy board'. When you copy a board you can also set what you like to copy. You can select, for example, to not copy the member assignment or card attributes.

When the board is copied, it is available on the overview page, you can see in the screen recording below that it is exactly copied.

Export to Trello

To export the board, you can click on the top right menu icon and select export to Trello. When the export is completed, it is available under your personal boards in Trello.

Disconnect board

You can disconnect the link between Trello en Placker by selecting the disconnect board option, this will remove the synchronization between the two boards completely.

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