Security and your data protection are our key concerns. This article explains how we handle security and who can access your data. Please don't hesitate to contact us when you have any other questions.

How are the connections to and from Placker protected?

The connections between the Placker client and the Placker backend is secured over HTTPS, which means that people can't listen in on your connection and read your data. Next to this, also the connection between Placker and Trello is secured in a similar way to make sure this data cannot be accessed also.

Who can access the data in Placker?

People need to be members of boards to be able to access the data on the board. This means that also members of organizations can not see board data in the organization unless they are a member of the board also.

Who can access the data in Placker that is imported from Trello?

For boards that are imported from Trello, the Trello authorisations are leading, you can only add members to a board by adding them in Trello. They will be synchronized into Placker automatically.

What kind of data do you store in Placker?

When you import a board into Placker, we make a copy of your cards in Placker (except for history), next to this we enrich the Trello data by adding things like status and actual start and end date, and we will receive updates on the board that you imported to keep the boards synchronized.

How do you handle my Trello authorisation?

Placker needs authorization from Trello to access and update your boards, this article explains why we need this authorization and how we manage this. It also answers a number of frequently-asked questions. Do you have more question? Use the chat to contact us!

Why do you need the authorization?

We need the authorization to read and update your cards in Trello;

  • We read your cards in Trello to show them in Placker

  • We update your cards in Trello when you update them in Placker

What data do you read and update in Trello?

We access the following data from your Trello account:

  • To show you the lists of boards that you can import into Placker, we retrieve this lists from Trello. (the lists of board names).

  • Then if you imported a board into Placker, we will import the members, labels, cards, descriptions, and comments from that board into Placker and keep the information synchronized.

  • For each member of your board (or yourself) we store the member name and member picture in Placker.

What data do you NOT read or update in Trello?

We do not read or update the following information:

  • We do not get your e-mail address from Trello

  • Boards that have not been imported in Trello will not be read.

  • For boards that are imported, we do not import card attachments, card pictures or power-up information. (including custom fields).

Why do you need the authorization on my full account?

This is how Trello works. You authorize Placker to access your account. However, as described above, this does not mean that we access this information without your permission. You stay in the lead for importing boards into Placker.

Do you have more questions? Please contact us!

You can reach out to us in the chat or by e-mail on [email protected]

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