Organizations in Placker

You can manage teams or clusters or boards in Placker with Organizations

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An organization in Placker is a cluster of boards that are shared by specific members. They can be created to keep your overview page organized by work groups, as members usually create them for each team.

Create organization

You can create a new organization by accessing the Placker overview page, right after you log in, and clicking "Create a new organization" button.

Then, add title and description

A new blank organization will appear, and you can add boards to it.

Edit details and members

To see more information about the organization, click the "About" link next to the organization.

You will then be able to add a description to the organization and select whether only organization members can add boards (or everyone who is in a specific board) and if organization will be visible to all in the subscription (even if they are not members of the organization or its boards).

In the members tab it's possible to add members who will see and edit the organization and also select their access level.

The members of the organization will not necessarily become active members on the boards - they can be added to the boards later.

Delete organization

Also, clicking "About", if you're a lead of the organization, you will see the "delete organization" button at the lower part of the screen.

Member access in the organization

You can restrict actions for this organization, and make it visible to anyone in the subscription. This can be done clicking "about", then setting "Only organization members can add/import boards". And "Make this organization visible to everyone in your subscription" is also an option.

Boards to join

By clicking "Boards to join", you will see if there are boards in which you are not yet a member, but can join them. If this section is empty, there are no boards to join.

Board leads can setup boards to be visible to members of an organization or the full subscription.

Empty organizations where a user can't see or create boards

It may happen that you see an organization shown as empty, and you can't also create boards.

This is because the lead of the organization set it to be visible to everyone in the subscription. However, you are not a lead of the organization nor a member of its boards.

Templates in an organization

You can see all boards set as template in an organization when you click "Templates", next to its title.

Board templates are available to anyone in your subscription when boards are created, this allows anyone to create a board from the same setup. You can learn more about board templates in this article.

Move board to other organization

You can remove the boards from an organization and add it to another one. Check this article for more information on how to do this.

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