This article shows you how you can use templates in Placker to create boards, cards and lists

To do this, you will need to set a board, card or list as a template, and after that it will appear in the list of template options when you create a new one.

You can use a card or a list template to create pre-defined cards and lists that can be used as a starting point when you create cards.

Setting cards as a template

Any card or list can become a template by selecting the 'Use as template' checkbox on the detail panel.

Click on a card or a list to open the detail panel, make sure to click on 'Show settings' to view the setting and then check the 'Use as template' checkbox.

When you make a card a template in Trello, this option also applies to Placker, and vice versa, as you can see in the GIF below:

Creating cards from a template

When there are templates available, you will get the option to select a template whenever you create a card or a list. The screen recording below shows how to create a new card from a template, first in the board view, then in the Gantt view (clicking the plus sign next to a list).

All attributes from the card will be copied from the template, including dependencies between the checklist items, should you have them.

Lists from a template

The same logic applies to lists. You can click a list title and set it as a template, as in the GIF below. When you create a list from a template, all attributes and dependencies will be copied as well.

Board templates

Set board as a template

If you have a whole board that contains information that will be useful to be used as a template, click the title of the board to open its details and click the option "use board as template".

You can see all boards set as template in an organization when you click "Templates", next to its title.

Add new boards selecting a template

To create a new board based on the template you created before, click "add board" button in overview page, then "template".

After that, click "template" dropdown to choose the template that was saved before.

Copy the board

Another option is to copy the board by adding a board and select 'copy board'. When you copy a board you can also set what you like to copy. You can select, for example, to not copy the member assignment or card attributes.

When the board is copied, it is available on the overview page, you can see in the screen recording below that it is exactly copied.

Note: boards created with this method will not be synced with Trello automatically. To have it both in Trello and Placker, you will need to export it following the steps in this article:

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