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Create a master board that aggregates multiple boards
Create a master board that aggregates multiple boards

See many boards consolidated in the same screen

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As work becomes more complex, it is a common practice to split it into multiple boards to organize it by subject. A structure or boards often is set by department, project or client.

While this makes information easier to understand, there are times where you would like to have an overview of everything that is happening in your organization, and this can be achieved by track views, Gantt charts or even a board with cards from many boards.

There are two main ways that you can consolidate data from all your boards:

Board groups

Selecting many boards in Placker will create a board group. This applies to all Placker views by loading data from many boards.

For more details, check this article.

An interesting case of using combined boards is to see all cards from a specific member that are distributed across multiple boards. For example, you can click "Filter and Settings" to show cards assigned to you after loading every project.

Mirror cards from many boards to one

Instead of combining boards, you can create a new one and mirror cards there.

For example, a company might be working in boards "Client A", "Client B" and "Client C". A board called "All clients" could be created where cards from all other clients would be updated there.

You can either mirror them one by one or create a rule where every new card gets mirrored.

More details on card mirroring in this article.

This option allows you to see cards from different boards also in Trello, as all of these boards can be integrated.

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