On Placker, you have the option to easily change the way cards are organized and returning to default. This can be done with the Set layout button on Board view mode.

Changing lists

The board brings you the default set of lists. That can be changed for example to a members list view. This is useful to see how many and which are the cards assigned to a specific member on your team.

Splitting boards

To keep the default lists and still be able to separate the cards by member, another option is to select Split board by member.
This will divide the board into multiple boards, so you can see what each member is doing with the default lists.

Custom board layout

To create a specific layout, you may click Filter & setting, and then select how you would like to split the boards and lists.
This setting can be saved so you can quickly access this custom board layout in the future. To do so, click Create a new bookmark. If you don't do that, the next time you open your board, the default boards and lists setting will open.

Questions, issues and feedback

If the steps above weren't clear or if you followed them and couldn't get anything done, please reach out to us using the chat button at the lower right corner of this page.

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