What are mirror cards and how they work

Can I keep cards in sync between boards?

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If you are new to Placker, you can use it as a Power-Up to sync cards across boards, with full integration with Trello and MS Planner. It has been used by thousands of teams to automate their workflows every day. Start your free trial today:

How does this benefit you?

Mirroring helps you to automatically mirror the status of your cards across boards. This will save time by not having to manually update information in two cards and avoids mistakes being made because people are looking at the wrong status.


Card mirroring will help you to synchronize the status between two boards. This helps when managing work between different teams.

These are some use cases:

  • Automatically track the status between a design/product backlog and the development/sprint board. When the development team finishes a task, the status is automatically updated on the design/product backlog as well.

  • Create a 'Client board' to highlight specific cards to your client while tracking the status on your main board. When the client finishes their tasks, they will get updated on the mainboard automatically.

  • Mirror cards from individual task boards to a project board.

  • Use meeting boards for more productive meetings where you mirror the cards from your main board to the agenda on the meeting board, if cards are completed they will be completed on the main board as well.

There are many other possible cases, we would love to hear how you use card mirroring!

What is card mirroring?

Card mirroring means that we synchronize the status/progress attributes between the two cards. This includes both the lists, status and the dates (like the actual start and end date of the card).

The following attributes will always be mirrored:

  • The progress attribute will be the same between the two cards.

  • The progress dates will be the same between the two cards.

  • The planned dates will be the same between the tow cards.

Then, based on how the progress is tracked on the board, this will be updated as well:

  • For boards that track progress by list: The card will be moved to the correct list.

  • For boards that track progress by label: The label will be assigned to the card.

How to set up card mirroring

With Placker, you can mirror a single card to another board or use rules to automate the creation of card mirrors, set which specific attributes will be synced, mirror checklist items, etc.

For more information on how to set it up, check this detailed article: https://help.placker.com/en/articles/4034152-card-mirroring-in-placker-and-trello

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