If you have admin rights of a board, it's possible to click the three dots next to its title to open a dropdown menu with options to make changes to it.

Edit boards

Click "Show details to open a window with the settings of a board, where you can define the parameters of how it works.

Move boards

Click "Move board" to send it to another organization. It's not possible to have the same board in other subscriptions. You can also click "Copy board" to create a second board instead of moving the current one.

Share boards

You can send a link to a team mate that will access the information of a board if she has an active Placker account. It's also required that this person is added to the members tab of the boardin order to be able to view and edit. See in this article how to add members to a board.

Click "Show URL" to see the link and copy.

Delete  boards

Click "delete board" if you will no longer use it. This process is irreversible, and for this reason there is a message that asks you to type DELETE to confirm this.

In case the board is connected to Trello, only Placker data will be deleted, the Trello board will remain intact.

Manage dashboards and bookmarks.

The process of managing dashboards and bookmarks is similar to boards, with the difference that there is only the option of editing, sharing and deleting.

Because all dashboards and bookmarks are connected to a board, if this board is moved, its bookmarks and dashboards will also be moved.

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