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How do I share boards / Gantt URL between members?
How do I share boards / Gantt URL between members?

How can I share my board or views with other team members?

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This article explains a simple way how you can how you can share Placker screens and information with them.

Share a Board/Gantt view using the Placker URL

Each view in Placker has its own, unique URL, this allows you to simply copy the link from your browser and share it with your team members. This is the probably the easiest way to make sure a colleague gets an updated version of the view.

If you would like to add any filter or settings to the view, click "Save changes" next to the view to ensure that when someone opens the link, these options are also applied.

The screen below highlights you how you can save changes in a view and share its Placker URL: 

What happens when people are not yet active in Placker?

When users do not yet have a Placker account, they will be asked to sign-up to Placker when they load the URL, all boards will be available to them after sign-up.

Note: Boards imported from Trello are only visible to users that have signed up with their Trello account, or where the Trello account is linked to their Placker account. You can check the connection settings from your profile.

Share a file instead

If you are sharing data with someone that is not a Placker member, another option is to export the Gantt chart to PDF or the board data to Excel instead.

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