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Where is my overview page, what can I do on the overview page?

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The overview page contains the listing of all your boards and views by organization. It is usually the first page you see when you start working on Placker.

The boards are sorted by latest viewed and the ones that haven't been visualized will have a "new" ribbon

After you select a board, the overview page is behind the home button. Access the overview page by clicking on the home button at the top left corner, or follow this link.

The screenshot below shows the elements of the overview page:

  1. Menu at the top to find boards: see updates and other settings

  2. Menu at the left sidebar: navigate between sections of the overview page

  3. Recently viewed boards: quickly access the boards that were opened last

  4. Starred views: the views set to be starred will appear at the top. You can save a view as starred by clicking the arrow at its right in the board view.

  5. Starred boards: the marked boards will appear at the top. Click the star when you hover the mouse over the board image to mark them as starred.

  6. Board groups: saved groups of multiple boards. Learn more about saving groups in this article.

  7. Organizations: each board is part of an organization. You can set an organization for each team in your company, for example. Learn more about how organizations work in this article.

  8. Chat button: clicking the rounded button at the lower right corner will open conversations with the Placker team, where you can ask for help, search for articles and see latest announcements.

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