How do I start or add a subscription?

I want to create a subscription, how does this work?

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Placker subscriptions are based on organizations and can be added by the lead of the organization. Learn more about prices in the Pricing page.

How to start new subscription

After the trial period is over, a message will appear at the top part of the overview page indicating that it's time to add a subscription.

If you go to the subscriptions page, you will be able to start a subscription. Or click at your profile picture / Start subscription.

The first step is to select a plan: Enterprise, Pro or Basic. Find information about each plan in the Pricing page. Also choose whether you prefer to pay in US Dollars or Euro and per month or per year.

Next, select the members that will be added to your subscription. They can have many different user roles.

Then, add your billing information filling all of the mandatory fields.

The last step is to select the payment method and finalize the process.


If you can't find the organization that you are looking for, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Do you have a lead role in the organization you are trying to add?

Go to the overview page and click on the organization title to see the members of this organization. You should be on this list and should be listed as a lead.

If you are not, you can do the following:

  • Ask the lead to add you to this organization as a lead so you can start a subscription. (you can see who the lead is in the member section).

  • Create a new organization yourself and move the board you like to include in this organization. You can then start the subscription for this new organization.

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