Before confirming the payment, it is important to check if the value displayed for pricing is correct. If the numbers seem wrong, please check some of the possible explanations:

  • The subscription page can’t be automatically translated by the browser, otherwise there could be errors. If that's the case, please start over without auto translating the page.

  • There could be VAT (Value Added Tax) added to the price if your company is from the European Union and doesn’t have a valid VAT number. Please review the Country field and VAT number field.

  • Two members shown when I intend to subscribe with only one: Placker is intended to help team members increase their productivity, and for this reason there is a minimum of two members to start a subscription. If you have an exceptional case (for example, working as a solo entrepreneur), send us a message and our team will analyze the possibility of enabling a single user minimum.

  • There are more members than I would like to add: before moving to the next step, you can remove members from the subscription by changing their role to blocked or billing.

For a full step by step on the start subscription process, check this article.

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