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Doughnut, Pie and Line Chart Widgets in Placker for Reporting
Doughnut, Pie and Line Chart Widgets in Placker for Reporting
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Similar to the Bar chart, the Doughnut, Pie and Line Chart Widgets in Placker are great to present data clearly, reporting important metrics with relevant categories and in an appealing format.

They are easy to understand and commonly used to compare data across different categories. The following sections will describe each of them.

For basic instructions on how to edit a widget, apply filters and other features, check this article:

Pie Chart

A pie chart (also called pizza chart) is a circular graphic used to show quantitative data on your boards. Each slice of the chart represents a quantity, with the size of the slice proportional to the quantity it represents.

It is a good option to show proportions and compare how many cards have each attribute. In the example below, it's possible to understand the members who work more hours on a project, and hovering the mouse over a slice displays the number of hours.

Doughnut Chart

A Doughnut (also called donut) chart is quite similar to a Pie chart, with the difference that it has an empty area in the center.

The example below shows the number of cards in each status.

Line Chart

Line charts are ideal for displaying continuous data over time, as this is one of the most common use case for it. Just like the examples above, you can customize the attribute that is set as the category and the unit of measure used in the chart. Here is one that shows the number of story points per month:

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