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Single Value Widget in Placker for Reporting
Single Value Widget in Placker for Reporting

See a simple count of data in your boards

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The Single Value widget in the Report view allows users to visualize data in a very simple way. It's basically the sum or average of cards in your boards that are within a filter.

When Single Value is useful for your projects

Single Value widgets are very direct and help you display a specific number, like the total number of tasks completed. That is, the count of cards on a board but filtered by status.

They can be very powerful when combined with other single value widgets. You could show the number of completed cards next to the total number of cards, so you can compare and see how much of the work is done.

These are effective ways to get an overview of a project just by looking at the indicators that are most relevant to the purpose of the report.

Examples of Single Value

There can be many ways to use Single Value, such as:

  • Completed cards (filtered by completed cards)

  • Tasks assigned to me (filter by myself as a member)

  • Cards due this month (filtered by due date)

  • Total remaining workload (effort as a value and filter non completed cards)

How to add, edit and remove any Widget

The Report view in Placker allows you to set up widgets and customize it according to your reporting needs.

Here is a link to an article that shows how to do this step by step:

Configuring the Single Value Widget

Once you have added the widget, you can set the preferences according to how you want the data to be presented.

When you enter the edit mode and configure the widget, there will options to select. Hovering the mouse over them will display a description of what they mean.

To exemplify, these are the settings selected for the Completed Cards widget presented above:

Analyzing and Interacting with the Single Value widget

Once the widget is configured, you can click on a number to see the cards that sum up to it in the Data view.

This helps understanding what composes the widget value.


The Single Value widget in Placker is great to show a simple number, which can be enhanced by having other similar widgets nearby and using filters creatively to get valuable insight.

If you want to have something more visual, there are many other options available in the Report view. Explore other widgets and functionalities to expand the capabilities of your report.

And if you have any questions or need help, you can always reach out to our specialized support team by clicking the chat button at the lower right corner.

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