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Text Area Widget in Placker for Reporting
Text Area Widget in Placker for Reporting

Add free text to write a summary of your project updates

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The free text widget in Placker's Report view is a powerful tool that allows users to add customized text content to their project reports. This widget provides flexibility and versatility, enabling users to communicate important information, updates, or summaries effectively.

Possible applications and examples

When reports are sent, only numbers and charts may not be enough to communicate the status of a project and what is behind the data.

To provide the context required to understand the information displayed, you can write about what is shown on the other widgets or add anything that may be useful, without making the report too big.

You could use it for:

  • Describing the causes for the metrics displayed on a report

  • Add the instructions for other members that will use that report

  • Include images and lists with the freedom of writing everything manually

  • Documenting key decisions in a meeting

How to add, edit and remove any Widget

The Report view in Placker allows you to set up widgets and customize it according to your reporting needs.

Here is a link to an article that shows how to do this step by step:

Configuring the Pivot Table Widget

In the edit mode, you can configure the widget to write the text.

Beyond the plain text, you can type the text using markdown syntax to add headers and formatting options, as used in the example below:

Once you have added the widget, you can also set the dimensions that the widget will have according to the amount of text.


The Text widget in Placker's Report view has the purpose of adding descriptive text to complement visual elements in the report.

When used to add informative and engaging content, this widget enhances communication and collaboration within project teams.

If you have any questions, reach out to our team.

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