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Pivot Table Widget in Placker for Reporting
Pivot Table Widget in Placker for Reporting

See values of your boards represented in bars split by category

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Placker's Report view offers a powerful pivot table widget. It allows users to organize and analyze data in a dynamic and customizable manner.

A pivot table is a data summarization tool that displays values by crossing two different attributes from the boards.

When a Pivot Table is useful for your projects

Pivot tables aggregate groups of values in rows and columns. This is especially useful when managers are analyzing information that takes two or more attributes into account.

Although they are not as simple as the Single Value and Bar chart widgets, they can be handy to sum values comparing data across different categories.

Examples of Pivot Table

In the screenshot above, you can see a table that shows how many cards are assigned to each member and also how many of those are in each list.

There are also a total row and column, so that if the person analyzing the Pivot Table wants to see only how many cards are assigned to each member regardless of the list, that's also possible and easy to see.

There is an arrow next to "To do" indicating that it's sorted in descending order of members that have the most cards in that list. And the "Show less" button hides some of the rows at the bottom for a more compact table.

These are some other examples where a Pivot Table can be used:

  • New cards by person (row as created date and column as member)

  • Effort by project and status (value as effort, rows by board and column by status)

  • Cards by date and priority (row as plan end date and column as traffic light)

How to add, edit and remove any Widget

The Report view in Placker allows you to set up widgets and customize it according to your reporting needs.

Here is a link to an article that shows how to do this step by step:

Configuring the Pivot Table Widget

Once you have added the widget, you can set the preferences according to how you want the data to be presented.

When you enter the edit mode and configure the widget, there will options to select. Hovering the mouse over them will display a description of what they mean.

To exemplify, these are the settings selected for the one presented above:

Analyzing and Interacting with the Pivot Table

The pivot table widget provides an interactive visualization of its cards.

To see what are the cards that are counted in it, you can click any of its numbers, and this will take you to the data view, where there is a table with all of the cards and their details.


The Pivot Table widget in Placker's Report view is a valuable tool for data analysis and visualization. Its flexibility, customization options, dynamic capabilities, and interactive visualizations empower users to make informed decisions based on their data. Whether it's tracking project progress, analyzing resource allocation, or monitoring team performance, the pivot table widget in Placker's Report view provides a comprehensive and intuitive solution.

Give it a try by adding it to one of your reports and reach out if there is any clarification needed.

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