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Google Calendar board integration - syncs with Trello and MS Planner
Google Calendar board integration - syncs with Trello and MS Planner

How to integrate boards in Placker, Trello or MS Planner to Google Calendar

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Do you use Google Calendar to see your scheduled events and Trello or Planner to plan your work?

Scheduling cards in each platform separately can be tedious and complex to keep track when they are disconnected.

From now on, you can use Placker to connect your boards with Google Calendar, having all your card dates available and synced together. The following sections will show you how to set it up:

1. Connect your Google Account

Access your account at and click Your Profile / Connectors / Google Calendar Connect button. After authenticating access to your Google account, you will be set to sync the calendars.

In case you are using a business Google account, it may be necessary to include permissions to Placker at this link.

When prompted, make sure to enable the requested permissions so that the Placker integration works as intended:

2. Create a calendar to Placker specifically (optional)

As an optional step, you can to manage your cards and make them visible in your Google Calendar view. Otherwise, you can also select your main calendar in the next step instead of creating a new one create a separate calendar

You can do this clicking the buttons below in the Google Calendar left sidebar:

3. Connect your board to a calendar

Open one of your boards, open board settings (clicking its title in the Board or Gantt view), and under the "Connectors" tab, click "Connect calendar". You can set a title and select one of your available calendars.

There will be many options to select what works best, such as:

  • Create new cards from events, events from cards, or both

  • Sync only cards assigned to specific users (to personal calendars, for example) or all of them.

  • Keep changes to cards/events in sync

  • Delete events or cards when certain things happen

You can also set pre-existing cards within a certain date range to be synced.

4. Check your card updates

Creating new cards or changing date and time of existing cards should be visible in the calendar after less than a minute. In case you notice that the changes are taking many minutes to happen, send us a message so we can look into it.

If you wish to disable the Google Calendar integration, you can also do it from the Board settings / Calendar tab, by clicking the three dots at the right of a connected calendar.

After following all of these steps, you will have a quick integration with Google Calendar, making it easy to have an overview of your tasks and events in one place. This will result in more focus and understanding of your schedule.

Other topics to keep in mind

Unlink a calendar

To stop the link with a calendar, you can open the board settings, as described earlier, or "Calendar links" in the power-up buttons, click the three dots next to the calendar that is connected and unlink it.

Events created as full day

When cards are synced with the calendar and have only a due date (no start date), it will be created as a full day event.

If you wish to set a start date, you can open the card overview in Trello or Placker and set it in the dates.

Unfortunately, Trello currently doesn't allow to set the start time, but that can be done in four different ways:

  1. Using the interface, which will be synced with Trello

  2. Changing the start date and time of the event in Google Calendar

  3. Using the start time in the power-up

  4. Using the duration field in the Power-up, which will indirectly set the start time

Enabling the calendar on your Google Account

When you open Google Calendar in the browser or on an app, remember that calendars can be enabled or disabled. So if you want to see the cards, make sure to enable the one that has been selected to be synced by Placker.

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