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How to integrate Placker with your existing tools

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There are a number of integration options available to integrate Placker in your toolset, we have specific integrations with Trello and Microsoft Planner for a full and real time sync between the tools. It's also possible to have Zapier or generic integrations available so you can setup the integration yourself.


We have an API available that allows our users to retrieve information from Placker and create and update data in their subscription using our API. You can read the full API documents here:

It is already possible to search for cards and create and update them. Please check the document for the full list of Triggers that we provide. We are constantly extending our API to support more use cases based on the feedback we get from our users.

You will need a key to use the API, which can be generated in the profile page, following the steps below:


Webhooks are used to notify external systems on events that happen in Placker, for example when a card is created, a comment is added or a card is updated or the status is changed. Webhooks can be created on board level to retrieve updates for the specific boards, webhooks can be set by using the API.

You can read more information on the available webhooks in our API documentation on:

Other tools

We plan to extend the real time integrations to other tools, let us know your preference in which tool you would like to connect and how.

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