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Use Zapier to connect Placker with thousands of other apps

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Zapier is an automation software that allows you to connect Placker with thousands of tools by using pre-defined zaps.

To get started: first of all, access your profile in Placker, click connectors and generate an API key.

Then, in your profile, click Connections, Zapier and accept the invite for the beta. When requested, paste your API key.

After that, you can create a Zap, which consists of a trigger (e.g. when I get an email in Gmail), and one or more actions (e.g. then automatically create a card in my Placker board).

You won't want to miss out on the many business scaling opportunities made possible with Zapier + Placker.

Set up your integrations today at your profile page and let us know how it goes. Your feedback will be very helpful.

We are testing our first Zapier app in Beta, which supports creating cards in Placker through a form, updating other tools when a card is created in Placker.

Our Zapier app is currently in test and not yet publicly available. You will need to have a valid API key to use the Zapier app, please reach out in the chat so we can generate the API key and give you access to our app.

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