The new "Card mirror by Placker" power-up for Trello provides tools to sync cards across boards simply.

With the power-up enabled from the Trello power-up page, you will have buttons in your Trello boards to create a mirror, a synced copy of that card.

You can use this for many purposes, such as connecting cards from team to personal boards, grouping cards in a master board, or share specific cards with stakeholders.

Creating a card mirror

To mirror a card to another board, you can click a card and use the "Create a mirror" button.

Learn the basics of card mirroring in this article.

If the board you want to mirror the card to is not yet in Placker, it might be needed to also import it.

Editing mirror settings

Also in the card window, you can click "Card mirror" then "Mirror settings" to set which attributes it will sync and setting the default attributes.

Using mirror rules

If many card mirrors need to be created and they are related to a condition, creating a rule to automate this process can make you save a lot of time.

The mirror rules button in the power-up will show all active rules and allow creating new ones.

For more information on mirror rules, access:

Errors in the power-up

When the power-up is not working properly, most of the times it is related to browser settings. Follow the steps in this article, and if this doesn't work, send us a message in the chat.

Power-Up Settings

You can change the buttons added to the board or the attributes available on the back of your cards by changing settings. Go to "Show menu", "2-way card mirror", then "Edit settings". There you can:

  • Add another board to Placker.

  • Progress tracking - you can change status automatically by moving cards through lists or labels. More details in this article.

  • Mirror rules - Card mirrors can be created in an automated way. More details in this article.

  • Hide the card mirror text from the card back.

  • Delete board from Placker, leaving it only in Trello. It won't be possible to mirror cards if you do that.

Advanced tips on using card mirroring

We have written an article with more details on how this feature works, as the present article is more focused on the Trello integration:

Install the power-up

For its innovative methods, "Card mirror by Placker" has won the "Best app for remote working" in the Atlassian Codegeist 2020.

Make your team also benefit from it at the Trello power-up page:

And read more about the power-up at our website:

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