This is an advanced mirroring feature. If you want to learn the basics of card mirroring, check this article.

Create a workflow and let Placker do the mirroring for you

The automation feature for card mirroring helps you save time by not having to manually mirror cards.

In cases where mirroring follows a standard, you can create rules that will trigger the creation of mirrors. Learn how this works with a practical example in the following section.

Setting up a rule in

Suppose you are working with many colleagues in a project, but would like to keep track of what you need to do in your personal board.

You can set a rule where every time a card is assigned to you, it gets mirrored to your board.

To do this:

1) Click the title of the board in Board or Gantt view, and access the "Rules" tab. There, you will find the "Add new rule button"

2) Create the rule based on your context. For example, when a card is assigned to Sam, mirror it to his board in "to do" list and remove it if he is unassigned

3) If needed, you can edit, disable or delete the rule

Copying rules from a board to another

If you would like to have the same rules of this board in another, you can copy the board settings (as long as both boards are imported in Placker). This is done in the board settings, see in the recording below:

Errors in the mirror rules

There are cases where mirror rules are not triggered to prevent issues. If you see this in your mirror rules tab, check if it could be one of these issues:

  • Duplicates. Cards with a blue label get mirrored, and cards in the "To do" list get mirrored. A card in that list that later gets that label wouldn't be mirrored a second time.

  • Mirror loop. Example: every card in board A is mirrored to board B, and every card in board B is mirrored to board A.

  • Mirroring would create a mirror group not available in the current plan or exceeding the current limit. Example: every card in board A will be mirrored to boards B, C and D. However, the mirror group limit in the Pro plan is 3.

  • An attribute related to the rule is no longer available. Example: Cards in the “To do” list get mirrored, but this list is now archived.

In case these topics don’t explain the error, please send us a message in the chat so our team can investigate it for you.

Other use cases

Mirroring cards to a personal or team board according to members assigned is a very common use case. However, there are more situations where automated card mirroring can save a lot of time, such as:

• When a the "Meeting" label is assigned to a card (topic), mirror it to the board that will be used during the meeting

• When a new card (task) is created in a personal board, mirror it to the team board

• When a card (client) is moved to "Contract signed" list in a sales board, create a mirror in the production board

Questions or comments about this feature

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