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Trello custom fields support

How to use Trello custom fields in Placker trackers

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The Trello Custom fields power-up is a popular way to add additional fields to Trello, similar to how Placker custom attributes are used to customize Placker workflows. We now support importing an synchronizing, number text and selectable custom fields in Placker.

Importing custom fields in Placker will allow you to generate track view widgets that take data from the custom fields and use them to set a filter in Placker.

Importing custom fields

You can create custom fields using the Trello power-up that will be automatically imported into Placker, we currently import the following custom fields:

  • Text

  • Number

  • Selectable

  • Date

We don't support checklists (at the moment).

Using both Trello custom fields and Placker custom attributes.

You can use both Trello custom fields and Placker custom attributes, when you do this, it is possible to view and edit both fields/attribute types at the same time in Trello, like you can see in the screenshot below:

Using custom fields in the Placker trackers

When custom fields are imported, you can use the custom fields in the following ways:

  1. You can generate trackers using the text of selectable values. For example to show the number of cards that are assigned to the ACME company.

  2. You can use the number values as unit of measure. For example to show the sum of #quantity by board or list.

  3. You can set a filter to filter cards by the custom fields, for example to show only cards that are linked to the ACME company.

Custom fields sync issues

If you realize that custom fields are not being updated between Trello and Placker you can open the board settings and click Custom Attributes / Synchronize custom attributes.

If even after refreshing the browser that still doesn't work, please send us a message in the chat with screenshots and links to example of cards that are not syncing correctly.

In case it refers to a mirroring sync, please make sure that the Custom Fields are created with the same title and options in both boards.

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