Adding members to your Trello or Placker boards might eventually change the number of members in your subscription, depending on the way new members are added (manually or automatically).

Set the preferred adding method

On "settings" tab, you can set the default method of adding members to the subscription: always as active (which might change the number of active users, therefore the price), active when there are unassigned slots (you can leave some open slots for new members) or always pending (you will always need to manually change the type to member).

Default settings for monthly and annual plans

Monthly and annual plans handle this in different ways: monthly plans are set to add new members as active by default, these members will be part of the bill in the next billing period. Annual plans add as pending members.

Subscription billing and leads will always get an email when users are added to the subscription, in case more users should be notified, they can be added as lead or billing members.

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In case you need help to set up and onboard your subscription members, reach out to us in the chat and send a screenshot of the members page so we understand how your subscription is currently set.

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