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Use track view pages to view different information and easily navigate
Use track view pages to view different information and easily navigate

Edit, add and delete a dashboard page

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Analyzing the results of the work in a board can be complex and have many different aspects. Adding or editing pages in a track view will help you keep each category in place.

In the following example, the team is engaged in a Website Development board, and the manager needs to analyze some results.

The following page brings information specifically about the work that has been done this month.

Edit page details

To access the details of the page and change some settings, like the page title, click Track / Edit details / Page details.

This will open the following page, where you can change the details:

  • Rename page: click the title, type the new title and save.

  • Type: select matrix (page with rows and column) or attribute (based on an attribute with content).

  • Start and end dates: from which dates the graphs will be generated. This is not a filter.

  • Unit of measure: default unit that defines calculations.

Delete, copy and create pages

To delete, copy and create pages, click "Edit/details" and select the corresponding option.

When selecting new page, a dialog box will be opened with the parameters for the new page, which can also be changed later.

After creating pages, it will be possible to navigate between them from the main menu:

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