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How to manage dashboard widgets
How to manage dashboard widgets

Add, edit, move and delete widgets in a Placker track view

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Track views in Placker are customizable, so it's important to know the possibilities when creating your set of widgets. This article shows you how to add, edit, move and delete widgets in a Placker track view.

A widget is a space in the track view containing information that comes from the board in real time. It can be a graph, chart, text or indicator.

They are usually organized in a matrix structure, that by default has 3 columns and 2 rows. You can also change this configuration.

First of all, to be able to do all of this, you need to enter the edit mode. In Track, click "Edit/details" then "Edit layout & widgets".

Add widget

To add a new widget, click "Add widget" in the column you wish it to be added. Then, a dialog box will open with the settings of the new widget. After choosing these settings, click "Create".

Edit widget

Change the settings of a widget that is already on your track view by clicking "Edit" and "Show & edit details". This way, it's not needed to delete and add a new one.

Move widget

To move a certain widget to another row or above/below other widgets, click an empty area and drag it to the place you wish to move it to.

Delete widget

Now, click "Edit" on the top right of the widget. and click the delete button. This action can't be undone.

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