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Card list: a Placker track widget
Card list: a Placker track widget

Use this widget to see a list of cards with its attributes to read information about each activity or task

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The Card list widget is used when you need to display in a track view a list of specific card titles with additional attributes.

For example, a team could see a lot of value in having a list of all the cards that are in progress for a specific board, while also showing the members assigned to the tasks and the descriptions.

This is how the card list widget looks:

In the example above, you can see the widget title ("Card list"), which can be customized, the count of cards ("Cards: 4"), and for each card, the title, description, list, status, due date and member.

In the edit widget area, there are some settings that can be used to shape your widget:

  • Widget title: it is possible to change the title to something that better describes the information shown in the card list.

  • Text attribute to show: show description or other custom text attribute below the card title in the list.

  • Secondary attribute to show: Another attribute may be shown at the right column of the card.

  • Show ... on card: In addition to the previous attributes, it is also possible to show the board title, list, status and member of the card.

  • Order cards by: cards can be sorted by the board order or by date.

  • Filter cards based on: show only cards in a specific list or progress status.

  • How many cards you want to show: To see only a number of cards, change this selection. If you select 0 cards or if the number of cards show is smaller than the total of cards, the number of cards will be shown. 

In case you see a card that needs to be edited, you can double-click to open in a new window or single-click to see it in the right panel.

In the example above, the widget contains detailed information about the board, because many attributes were set to be shown in the board.

The bottom of the widget contains the message: "Showing 3 out of 4 cards". This means that there are 4 cards in this board that contain descriptions, however it was selected that only 3 need to be shown.

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