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Multi counter: Placker track Widget
Multi counter: Placker track Widget

Multi counter widget, throughtput and report end date (required and to complete) indicators (KPI).

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Multi counter is one of the widgets that you can add to a Placker track view. This will give you indicators about the progress of the cards.

To add this widget, access a track page and then click "Edit/details" and "Edit layout & widgets" to be able to add a new widget.

After the widget is created, you can always go to this mode again and edit the widget to change its settings. The multi counter widget comes with two options: Throughput and Report end date. You can also change the unit of measure.

The Throughput gives three indicators:

Target (linear): the ratio that shows how many cards should completed per day considering the total of cards in the board and the expected end date of the board.
Average to date: the ratio that shows how many cards were completed per day until now.
Required to complete: the ratio that shows how many cards should completed per day from now on considering the average to date and the target end date.

The following example shows a board in which the pace of card completion observed to the present date (average to date = 0.09) is below the target (0.11). This means that from now on, the productivity required to complete should be higher (0.14), otherwise the board's end date will need to be delayed.

The Report end date gives three indicators:

Target end date: the latest end date of the cards
Days left: time from today until the target end date
Days required: time needed to complete all cards based on a linear productivity

In the following example, it is clear that the team would need 33 days if the same pace of work was mantained, as opposed to 22 days left until the latest end date. Thus, some actions might be required to meet the deadline.

Changing unit of measure

Instead of number of cards, which is the default unit, it is also possible to use effort, budget or others.

After selecting the options that work best, click save changes to see the results and make decisions based on this information.

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