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How to export a Placker/Trello/Planner board to Microsoft Project
How to export a Placker/Trello/Planner board to Microsoft Project

Use Placker to export a board that could be linked from Planner or Trello to MS Project

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When you open your board, you can convert it to Microsoft Project using Placker.

It can be done in a Placker board, and also if it's connected to Trello or Planner and imported to Placker.

To do this, open your board at, open the Gantt tab and click Export to MS Project:

This will generate an XML file. You can open this in MS Project by clicking Open, selecting this file format and following the steps in the MS Project import wizard.

Then, you will see your board imported with the card dates and dependencies:

Converting date formats

By default, the card durations will be shown in minutes. You can either convert them manually or use a macro that will automatically convert the durations of the selected cells to hours following the steps below. This may require basic knowledge in VBA.

For this, since Project doesn't come with this funcion, you will need to open the Project options and enable the Developer tab, which is hidden by default:

Now, in the Developer tab, you will see the visual basic button at the left.

This will load the Visual Basic interface, where you can paste a code that will convert the dates to hours. To make it available in every MS Project file, select Module1 at the Global.MPT options at the left, then paste the code below, making changes if needed:

This is the code:

Sub ConverterSelecaoDias()

Dim Tarefa As Task

For Each Tarefa In ActiveSelection.Tasks

If Tarefa.Summary = False Then

Tarefa.Duration = Tarefa.Duration / 60 / 8 & "d"

End If

Next Tarefa

End Sub

After that, you can select the cells to be converted, click to view Macros, select the one that was just created and run it.

If you have any questions about this, please reach out in the chat.

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