This article covers our frequently asked questions on the Gantt export, we currently have one open issue that is being investigated, the workaround is described here.

I don't see the export

The first thing you like to check is your pop-up blocker, the export will open in a pop-up. Your browser or a third-party pop-up blocker might have blocked this pop-up.

Enable the pop-up or disable your pop-up blocker for and to make sure you can download the exports.

I would like to print the pdf on multiple papers / Really big

When using Adobe ready, you can use the print option 'Poster' to print the pdf to multiple pages. Then you can also set the zoom level to change the number of pages to print on.

This page explains how to set this in this client:

The scale is too gray for printing

You can set the scale to a darker font to improve the readability for printing.

My export shows a lot of white space

We currently have an issue under investigation where in some cases white space is added on the right-hand side of the Gantt export. We do have a workaround for this issue, our apologies.

The issue is shown in the recording below;


This issue is caused when additional columns are made visible on the Gantt chart, for some reason additional white space is added on the right-hand side in some cases.


The workaround to create a good export is to first create a bookmark that includes the expanded columns, reload Placker in your browser and export your Gantt again.

The first step is to create a bookmark, as is shown below;

Then, when it is created, reload your page (f5) and create the export when it is loaded:

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