Pivot track widget

Create a matrix that compares values from two or more attributes

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A pivot table widget contains meaningful statistical information that can help you make decisions based on data from Placker boards.

It consists of row, column and attribute fields. It is also possible to add filters in "Filters & Settings" to hide some segments from the numbers.

The example below shows members as rows, lists as columns and attribute is the sum of cards.

This second example shows Iteration (a selectable custom attribute) as row and effort as attribute. There are no specific columns set, but the effort attribute provides the option to show planned, actual and delta (difference) numbers.

Adjusting widget settings

In the edit widget area, there are some settings that can be used to shape your widget.

For example, you can change the title, select other attributes (including custom attributes), show and hide specific information, etc. This is how it looks:


Q: How do I add a widget?
A: To learn how to add a new widget, access: https://help.placker.com/en/articles/3078854-how-to-manage-dashboard-widgets

Q: I have other questions, comments or suggestions
A: Let us know clicking the chat button and we will be glad to assist you with this.

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